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Whites Heated Grips - ATV 130mm 7/8"

Whites Heated Grips - ATV 130mm 7/8"

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Whites Heated Grips are available in different spec versions to suit a range of motorcycle applications including sport, touring, cruiser, adventure, and ATV.

Their best feature? The integrated heat control switch with 5 levels of heat adjustment, allowing on-the-fly temperature selection without the rider removing their hand from the handlebars and controls.


  • Multicolour LED to indicate the current selected heat setting.
  • 5 levels of heating to suit all climate conditions.
  • Integrated heat control switch retains OEM look with no extra control panel to install anywhere on the motorcycle.
  • Plug and Play wiring connection with in-line fuse for electrical circuit protection.
  • Low battery voltage protection feature which will shut off heated grips to avoid battery drain.
  • Whites Motorcycle parts 12-month conditional replacement warranty.
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